Twitter as a Mobile Learning Platform

Mobile Learning with Twitter

It’s been almost 5 years since Twitter came into existence and it has become quite the versatile platform. I remember when I first joined Twitter 4 years ago, there were heckling comments abound about ‘tweeting’ and how people didn’t care to know someone’s ever movement. Since then, and resulting from a series of key improvements to the service, we have a tool that can be shaped and molded to whatever the need may be.

In the case of teacher PD, Twitter can be used as:

– a networking tool to link with other educators to discuss ideas and issues with like minded colleagues around the world

– an information gateway where teachers can stay current with the cutting edge as it happens and is discussed

In the case of instructional uses, Twitter can be used to:

– provide students with a way to connect with each other and other students around the globe to discuss their learning

– create complex learning activities (i.e. students take on the role of an historical figure or character they are learning about and tweet as if they were that person)

– search for current events or search for links to other websites offering information to topics that they are researching

In the case of school communication, Twitter can be used:

– as a communication gateway for teachers and school administrators looking to communicate with their parent community in a new and mobile way

– a place to provide parents with links to resources or supports for their children

The link to mobile learning stems from the very nature of Twitter – that tweets can be viewed on any mobile device using the web app or a native app.  Mobility also stems through the fact that tweets can be posted through an app or even through text messaging. In my humble opinion, Twitter is better suited for mobile devices than other social networks because of it’s messaging feel and because Tweets and Tweeters are searchable and can be grouped (i.e. hashtags, lists). Anyone who has used Twitter and Twitter hashtags to backchannel during a conference or online discussion will know the power of Twitter as a mobile communication tool.

Twitter –  not your average bird. What ideas can you share on the uses of Twitter as a mobile learning platform?